Mobile Shiploading & Unloading in Houston, Texas


Telestack was commissioned by Watco Companies to design, build and install two TB-52 All-Wheel Travel Radial Telescopic Conveyors to both load and unload a large range of commodities including fertilizer, slag and clinker at rates of up to 1,200tph. 

The TB 52 All Wheel Travel Radial Telescopic Conveyors were designed with multi-purpose functionality in mind as they are being used for both loading vessels from a fixed conveyor system, as well unloading vessels with the use of a dockside unloading hopper.  I


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: North America
  • End User: Watco Companies
  • Product: 2 x TB 52 All Wheel Travel Export Shiploader
  • Application: Shiploading /Ship Unloading
  • Material Type: fertilizer, slag and clinker
  • Tonnage: 1200tph
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