Ports and Terminals

Mobile Ship Unloading & Shiploading System

TCL 331R, 2 x TL318 Radial and 6 x TL318 link conveyors shiploading, ship unloading and stockpiling in a multi-cargo berth in the Philippines.

Titan T1600-8 Bargeloading from Cat 777

The TITAN T1600-8 Bulk Reception Feeder is the largest mobile bulk reception feeder in the international market. The TITAN T1600-8 is a track mounted fully mobile machine designed to work at production rates of up to 2000 tph (1,800 mtph)

TB52 All Wheel Travel Shiploader

The All-Wheel Travel functionality offers unrivalled mobility, flexibility and ease of use making this feature one of the most exciting developments in the bulk material handling industry in recent years.

TS331 Radial Telescopic Shiploader-Premier Periclase

An innovative custom design shiploading system to Premier Periclase, in Drogheda, Co Louth in Ireland. The Telestack TS331 Radial Telescopic Shiploader is being used to load coaster vessels directly from a plant conveyor.

TS2058 & HF2020 Shiploading

An innovative custom design mobile shiploading system in the Port of Buchannan for loading vessels up to Baby Cape Size.

Shiploading at Riga Fertiliser Terminal

Telestack installed and commissioned a mobile materials transfer and shiploading system for Riga Fertiliser Terminal that comprised of a TS 542 Radial Telescopic Conveyor, a HF 514 Mobile hopper Feeder and a series of Telestack 30 metre mobile Link Conveyors. The transhipment terminal is the most advanced and safest handling facility for fertiliser in Northern Europe.

Columbia Bargeloader

In Colombia, the Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla (SPRB), which operates the Port of Barranquilla, has acquired a new Titan T388-4 Bulk Reception Feeder from Telestack.

Mobile Shiploading System at Port Kembla

Fully mobile materials transfer and shiploading system for coke loading at Port Kembla

Custom Design Mobile Truck Unloading, Stockpiling, Reclaiming & Barge Loading Facility - Sierra Leon

Customised Truck Unloading, Stockpiling, Reclaiming & Bargeloading Facility

2 x Hopper Feeders & 2 x Radial Telscopics shiploading aggregates

2 x HF1520  Mobile Hopper Feeders & 2 x TS1542 Radial Telescopics shiploading to handymax vessels @ 1500 TPH

CF 1015 Mobile Reclaim Hopper, Coal, India

CF 1015 Mobile Reclaim Hopper greatly increases coal production for Gangavaram Port, India

Rail Mounted Shiploader, Trans shipment terminal, Ukraine

4 x Rail Mounted Shiploaders form integral part of Trans-shipment terminal - Ukraine

TS 2055 Rail Mounted Telescopic Shiploader

Innovative Rail Mounted Shiploader with integrated Tripper conveyor

CF 324 Hopper Feeder with Conveyor Bargeloader

CF 324 Bargeloader - hopper feeder with conveyor - loading coal installed in Port Alexandria, Egypt

CF 520 Cambered Boom Shiploader

CF 520 Cambered Boom Shiploader loading aggregate in Port of Belfast