A new Shiploading system for the Moldovian Grain Industry


TRANS-OIL GROUP is the leading grain exporter in Moldova, trading 40-50% of the total grains exported from the region.  It manages the most developed and extensive grain supply chain within the local market enabling them to buy grains from hundreds of farmers at farm gate, and to further process and distribute to port transhipment terminals. Inland logistics is fully controlled by the GROUP through the 75 rail cars and 40 trucks it owns and the majority of goods are sold to the international market in bulk.

Telestack dealer, DRC provides global technical procurement and distribution services for Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction operations. For over 20 years, DRC has offered the expertise, knowledge, and services across the natural resource value chain to enable success for our customers. The Telestack solutions proposed by DRC had multiple benefits for the Moldavian grain exporter. 

Telestack Solution

Telestack designed a mobile conveying solution that met the needs of the customer’s material handling project. This is a new project for Moldavian grain industry and the first of its kind. The TS850 was mounted onto a piled radial plinth which supported the front radial wheels while rear pivot was mounted at ground level. The radial and telescopic feature of the machine enabled the unit to load grain onto the vessels from one position or with minimal warping on larger vessels at 750 TPH. Download Case Study to read more...

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Ukraine
  • End User: Trans-Oil
  • Product: TS 850 Radial Telescopic Shiploader
  • Application: Shiploading
  • Material Type: Grain