Telestack specialise in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems.


Telestack have a global proven record in a range of applications including the coal, mining and quarry industries, stockyard management, ports & inland terminals, power stations, rail yards, steel mills, cement kilns and many other bulk material handling industries.

Benefits of Mobile

Our MOBILE solutions offer significant operating cost savings compared to traditional methods of material handling (wheel loaders, haul trucks, static conveyors), as well as providing Environmental, Health and Safety and other benefits.  Other significant benefits include not requiring planning due to product mobility and the flexibility to move Telestack products to work on other projects.

We offer the right solution for the customer and customise the design to suit your specific requirements.

Global engineering consultants/EPC contractors are among our clients. We design a system to suit their specific needs.  Other OEMs often specify Telestack equipment as part of their own systems solution because of our reputation of consistently delivering on our commitments.


Telestack have over 1000 installations in 6 continents around the world. This proves that Telestack can deliver on our promises.  We have a global network of dealers and agents that ensure a fast and efficient local response to your needs.

Operating in harsh environments from the extreme heat of Africa, to minus 40c in Siberia and the high altitudes of Chile, Telestack products can handle all free flowing bulk materials including ores, coal, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, woodchips, pellets and many more bulk materials that need moved.