We have over 15 years experience of selling customized equipment to Ports / Inland Terminals, Mines, Quarries, Power Station’s and Cement Manufacturers on a global basis. Also, we fully support your client in terms of pre-sales, after market and new product development to meet their changing needs. Telestack regularly work with Engineering Consultants on a board range of projects within many bulk material handling sectors including Sandwell, Rio Tinto, Aurecon and many more globally to ensure a cost efficient and effective application.


As the Telestack equipment can be utilised in a range of applications we consider each project individually on its specific requirements taking into consideration material, TPH, feeding methods, required site movement (wheels, tracks, rail and combination), power requirements, environmental issues and many more.


Telestack have a proven record of successful installations throughout the world in a range of applications with Blue Chip Customers using our 25 years experience in the bulk material handling industry, these include: BHP Biliton, Rio Tinto, La Farge, Anglo American, Van Oord, Mechel, Suek and many more . Please see range of case studies for your reference.


The range of equipment can offer significant benefits for your client's existing facilities, planned refurbishments / expansions, or new build projects, please contact the Telestack factory for more information.

Ship Loaders

We have many options available so our extensive range of mobile shiploading systems are ideal for differing quayside design, production rates, bulk materials and vessel sizes.

Radial Telescopic Conveyors

The radial telescopic stacker is one of the most cost efficient and effective way of stockpiling material on the market. The reduction of segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction when stockpiling ensures ‘in specification’ material for any application. They offer 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint compared using standard stackers.

Bulk Reception Feeders

Truck Unloaders and Bulk Reception Feeders.

Mobile Hopper Feeder

The mobile hopper feeder range allows the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders/ grab cranes to eliminate the double handling of material on site. The fully mobile units are used to allow for a ‘controlled’ feed of material into other Telestack equipment or auxiliary units

Track Mounted Conveyors

Telestack produce Tracked Stockpiling Conveyors, Tracked Radial Stockpiling Conveyors and Tracked Telescopic Conveyors to reduce the need of haulage on-site and which are ideal for crushing & screening applications.

Mobile Reclaim Hopper

The mobile ‘reclaim’ hopper range allows the operator to directly reclaim via wheels loaders onto overland conveyors/stacker-reclaimer systems. The fully mobile units allow a controlled feed of material onto the conveyor system, allowing either a emergency ‘back up’ system for stacker/reclaimers or the ability to blend material on the intake conveyor system.

Link Conveyors

Telestack’s mobile Link Conveyors offer a complete range of conveyor systems to reduce / eliminate the need to for truck/wheel loader haulage on site. The Link Conveyors can either be track mounted, fully self driven or wheel mounted/ towable wheel mounted