Telestack Mobile Conveyors - An integral part of a reclaiming and stockpiling system in Germany 


Power plants, like every other business, are optimising their operations in the drive for a more sustainable and efficient business. A critical part of this operation is the movement of biomass for use as a fuel source, from the storage area to the power plant. Traditionally, wheel loaders and static conveyors have been used for this purpose. However, due to the many benefits, mobile conveyors have emerged as a superior alternative.

Telestack have recently supplied a range of material handling equipment to a power station in Germany used as an integral part of a reclaiming and stockpiling system consisting of a TS 42 radial telescopic, 2 x LF 520 Low range hopper feeders, and 2 x TC420X tracked conveyors. A LF 520 low range hopper feeder transfers the woodchips directly from the processing plant onto a TS 42 radial telescopic stacker and another LF520 transfers onto 2 x TC420X tracked conveyors, one of which is utilized as a link conveyor. The TS 42 and TC420X then stockpiles the woodchips (0.3 t/m³ @250tph) into the storage area and a screw conveyor/ reclaim system feeds the woodchips directly into the main plant for power.


Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Germany
  • Product: TS 42 Radial Telescopic Conveyor, 2 x TC424X Tracked Conveyors, 2 x LF 520 Low Range Mobile Hopper Feeders
  • Application: Reclaiming and stockpiling woodchips in a powerplant
  • Material Type: Woodchips
  • Tonnage: 250tph
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