#MovingToMobile technology Revolutionising Port Operations in Russia  


Ust-Luga Port is the largest and deepest port of the Baltic Sea and is seamlessly integrated into the northwest transport network and European transport infrastructure. Constructed at a cost of $2.1 billion, this important coal and fertilizer terminal is an attractive source of supply of Russian export products due to its proximity to the European Union and Central Russia.

The “Multipurpose Reloading Complex” LLC (MRC) is a cargo terminal at the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region, specializing in receiving, storing and shipping general and bulk cargoes (cargo turnover in 2017 was 5.5 million tons of mainly power generating coal). With the terminal handling all types of vessels with capacities ranging from 3 th. tons to 75 th. tons, MRC looked to future proof their business whilst maximising on their Capex investment. After much research by the purchasing company, the ultimate solution was found in the introduction of the TB58 All Wheel Travel Telescopic Shiploader.

The company already had experience of Telestack equipment having previously introduced 3 Telestack units into their fleet. In 2009 the company installed a mobile TS1542 radial telescopic stacker that currently has over 60,000 hours on the clock. The company added a TCL431 in 2014 (currently @ 16,000 hours) and in 2017 they purchased a TCL1031 (7,000 hours). Their experience with the Telestack equipment meant that they had confidence in the brand to spec the customised equipment specific to their commodities, quayside conditions and the changing needs of their operation. To read more, please download our case study.

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Russia
  • Installation Site: Ust Luga Port
  • End User: “Multipurpose Reloading Complex” LLC (MRC)
  • Dealer: Mining Technologies
  • Product: TB 58 All Wheel Travel Export Shiploader
  • Application: Stockpiling / Shiploading
  • Material Type: Coal
  • Tonnage: 1000tph
  • Download Case Study