All Wheel Travel System offers unrivalled Flexibility!


For logistics company Rauanheimo, their recent investment in a suite of Telestack equipment was a carefully measured decision. For the Finnish company with over 130 years’ experience, any capital investment needed to be justified and the result of their stringent research was that the multi-faceted and mobile nature of the Telestack equipment made them the supplier of choice in the appointment of Telestack to supply 2x TB52 All Wheel Travel Telescopic Conveyors, HF1520 Hopper Feeder and Titan W800-6 Bulk Reception Feeder to load iron ore pellets to Panamax vessels. 

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Finland
  • Installation Site: Port of Kokkola
  • End User: Rauanheimo
  • Product: 2 x TB52 Export All Wheel Travel Telescopic Conveyors,HF1520 Wheeled Hopper Feeder, Titan W800-6 Bulk Reception Feeder
  • Application: Shiploading & Stockpiling
  • Material Type: Iron Ore Pellets
  • Tonnage: 1500 tph
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