LDU 521 Cambered Boom Shiploader for Isle of Wight of Grain, UK


The LDU 521 cambered boom shiploader is been fed directly from the grain hatch of trucks onto 4000 tonne coaster vessels.

The wheel mounted radial shiploader ensures the operator can trim and change hatches with ease, also with the integrated tow hitch they can move the unit from the quayside when not in use. The unit forms part of a significant investment from the Isle of Wight grain to ensure they meet their target of 30,000 tonne of grain exported per year to Main-land Europe (France, Spain, Portugal and the Baltics). The LDU 521 Grain loader has currently loaded 10,000 tonne to vessels from installation 2 months ago and is set to load a further 5,000 to 10,000 in the coming months of the year.


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: UK, Isle of Wight
  • Installation Site: Isle of Wight
  • End User: Isle of Wight Grain
  • Product: LDU 521 Cambered Boom Radial Shiploader
  • Application: Loading grain to coaster vessels directly from hatch in grain trucks
  • Material Type: Grain
  • Max Lump Size: 0 – 5mm
  • Tonnage: Up to 300TPH @ 0.7 t/m
  • Download Case Study

The previous equipment was not sufficed to meet the increasing demands of our production. As we are on a mud wharf, the previous equipment could not reach the 5 metres (15ft) free-board height (On high tide) we required to load our maximum 4000 tonne vessels. The Telestack equipment achieved the greater production rate of 200 – 300TPH from the previous 100TPH capacity and loads / trims our largest vessels with ease. We chose the Telestack unit over the competitors due to the quality of construction / design shown in their equipment and the competitive price. Overall, we are extremely happy with the units operation and would consider purchasing other equipment from Telestack in the future. Also, we have found Telestack a very competent and honest company to deal on this project”