CF 324 Bargeloader loading coal installed in Port Alexandria, Egypt


Since the acquisition of the Telestack machine, the customer has seen a greater increase in their capacities within the system. The unit is utilised to load pet coke and coal directly onto the barge from a loading shovel on site, who is loading from stockpiles on the quayside. The unique feature of this machine is the 24m long boom which enables the client to position the machine behind the railway tracks which are permanently on site and still be able to reach the centre of the hold with ease. The 6.0 m3 hopper allows the loading shovel to dump directly into the unit and increase production downtime.


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Egypt, Alexandria
  • End User: Port of Alexandria
  • Product: CF 324 Barge-loading Conveyor
  • Application: Loading 400 dwt and 1000 dwt barges on the River Nile directly from front end loading shovel
  • Material Type: Coal / Pet Coke
  • Tonnage: 300TPH
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