Mobile Shiploading System loading Handmax Vessels up to 1500 tph


The fully mobile system consist of 2 x radial telescopic shiploaders and 2 x mobile hopper feeders which are used to load 0 – 380mm (0 – 12’+) sized material to Handymax vessels up to 1500TPH.  The unique and customised design of the units, comprised of heavy duty designs and engineering to meet the rigorous requirements of loading the large material onto the vessel, while ensuring the longevity of the equipment.  This was done through extensive design and engineering by Telestack to meet the needs of the application, directly from initial enquiry through to full installation/commissioning and operation of the mobile system.

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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Japan
  • Product: 2 x HF 1520 Mobile Hopper Feeders & 2 x TS1542 Radial Telescopic Stackers
  • Application: Hopper Feeders & Radial Telescopic Stackers Shiploading to Panamax vessels
  • Material Type: Aggregates
  • Max Lump Size: 0 – 380mm (12”)
  • Tonnage: 1500 TPH
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The reason we selected Telestack for this project was their track record in working with large blue chip companies and experience of a range of applications within Ports, Mines etc…The designing and engineering of the equipment was very important for us to handle this size of material, as well as reliability to load the vessel on time, to eliminate the possibility of expensive demurrage charges. Also, we continue to appreciate the on-going commitment of Telestack in our future projects”. 

Gerry Mensick, Ship Management Department, Plant Design and Construction