2 x Wheeled Stockpiling / Link Conveyors installed for Holcim Bulgaria


Since the installation of the 2 x Telestack units, the customer has recognised significant savings and changes to their operation. The wheeled mobile 24 metre (80ft) length conveyors are utilised as either link conveyors or stockpiling conveyors depending on the specific requirement of the operator. The main advantage of these units is the reduction of the reliance of the wheel loader to move material from the benched up processing equipment area to the stockpiling area.

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Bulgaria, Sofia
  • End User: Holcim (Bulgaria - Karierni Materiali Rudinata)
  • Product: 2 x TC 524 Wheeled Stockpiling / Link Conveyors
  • Application: Mobile Stockpiling / Link conveyors fed from Metso Crusher / Fixed Plant
  • Material Type: Crushed Limestone
  • Max Lump Size: 0 – 100mm
  • Tonnage: Up to 500TPH
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In terms of service, we have been very happy with Telestack’s commitment to us, even from our remote distance from the factory

Mathieu Provost, Head of Process Performance