TS 1542 Radial Telescopic enhances Coal production in Stockyard


The TS 1542 Radial Telescopic Stockpiling Conveyor allows the client to stockpile the coal up to a height of 14 metres, the radial and telescopic features of the TS 1542 allow for maximum flexibility for stockpiling, rail-car loading and a variable length link conveyor in the Stockyard.


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Russia, Leningrad
  • End User: SUEK Group – (Russia’s Largest Coal Exporter)
  • Product: TS 1542 Radial Telescopic Stockpiling Conveyor
  • Application: Radial Telescopic Stockpiling coal in Stockyard from Powersreen Screening equipment
  • Material Type: Steam Coal
  • Max Lump Size: 0 - 50 mm
  • Tonnage: 700 TPH
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We are extremely happy with this unit, it offers us unrivalled flexibility and greatly increases our production capacity

SUEK Group