TS – 624 Utilised in Innovative Ship Off – Loading Application reaching over 800 TPH


The TS - 624 Tracked Telescopic Conveyor has been utilised in an innovative Ship Off-loading application in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to using the Telestack TS 624, Mobile Conveying Services operated a truck-mounted telescopic conveyer for various bulk material handling applications which was not giving an effective TPH for the application. The setting up of the old machine meant increased down-time, which proved very costly in terms ship Off-loading and material transfer times.

The increased capacity of the TS - 624 has greatly increased the cost effectiveness when loading/unloading the material and transferring it to other parts of the quay.

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Brisbane, Australia
  • Product: TS – 624 Tracked Telescopic Conveyor
  • Application: Various Material transfers and ship offloading
  • Material Type: Gypsum @ 1.4T/m3
  • Tonnage: 880 TPH peak throughput
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From purchasing the TS – 624 we have increased our capacity which has substantially improved our productivity and cost effectiveness. The ease of mobility of the TS – 624 has also been a key feature for us, as we may have to do different applications throughout the day and with this machine we can do it with ease, especially with the telescopic feature within the tight space around the quay.