Telestack’s TS 624T has been utilized in one of the Largest Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant in Europe


Telestack's TS 624 has been utilized in one of the largest mobile crushing and screening plant in Europe, as part of a chipping plant for concrete and tar production. By utilizing the TS - 624 as a variable length link conveyor between the primary Kleemann 140 Jaw Crusher and primary cone/screen combination the client is attaining much better production tonnages. The secondary plant is now left in a central position and only the TS 624 and primary jaw are moved to pick up the blast. Also, with the use of the second 624T as a stockpiling conveyor it allows for an easy distribution of the material within the site. This minimizes degradation, compaction and segregation of the material.

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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Co. Tipperary, Ireland
  • Installation Site: Tipperary
  • Product: 2 x TS 624T
  • Application: Variable Link Conveyor between primary crusher and secondary process / Stockpiling Conveyor
  • Material Type: Limestone
  • Max Lump Size: 0 - 300mm
  • Tonnage: 650 TPH
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