Radial Telescopic stacker eliminates need for front end loaders, Australia


Before the implementation of the TS 842 radial telescopic stockpiling conveyor, the customer was using front end loaders to stockpile the material. The fixed conveyor discharged the material up to a stockpile height of 4 metres (13 ft).

The TS 842 Radial Telescopic conveyor is forming an integral part of this fixed plant process. The customer is now able to stockpile the material directly from the fixed plant, eliminating the need for their front end loaders and the double handling of the material. The TS 842 can stockpile the material up to 13.5 metres (45 ft) high with a maximum stockpile capacity up to 96,600 tonnes at 270 degrees (based on bulk density 1.6 t/m3). The optional automatic PLC stockpiling system ensures that there is no labour needed to operate the unit, which again reduces further costs.


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Installation Site: Kenilworth, Queensland
  • Product: TS 842 Radial Telescopic Conveyor
  • Application: Stockpiling from fixed plant and plug-mill
  • Material Type: Road-base material
  • Max Lump Size: 75 mm
  • Tonnage: 600TPH +
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We would normally replace our loaders every five years which is a large capital expenditure, with the Telestack we know that this unit will last a lot longer than five years and is much cheaper to purchase and operate.

Operations Manager, Sunshine Coast Quarries