TT 443 Transtrack Link Conveyor and TS 624 Tracked Telescopic eliminate haulage for Welsh Slate, UK


The mobile application eliminates the need for a Wheel loader to transfer the material from the crusher to the overland conveyor. The Kleemann crusher feds directly to the TT443 Transtrack link conveyor, this 43 metre (141ft) tracked mobile link conveyor allows the unit to move around the blast area with the mobile crusher to ensure all of the blast material can be easily 'picked up' without moving or extending the large hopper on the overland conveyor.  The TS 624 Tracked telescopic is used a variable length link conveyor to add further flexibility to the plant.


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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: UK, Penryn Quarry at Bethesada, North Wales
  • End User: Welsh Slate
  • Product: TT 443 Transtrack Link conveyor and TS 624 Tracked Telescopic Link / Stockpiling conveyor
  • Application: Mobile Link conveyors feeding overland conveyor system from Kleemann MC 122 Crusher
  • Material Type: Slate
  • Max Lump Size: 150mm – 250 mm
  • Tonnage: 400TPH +
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