// 25 May 2020 @ 11:36

When you find yourself in a “sticky” situation, it’s time to call in the experts!

Today we bring you the HF10T handling sticky and wet material in a reclaiming application in South Africa! The material needed to be transported off site to a smelter to remove the Platinum Group Metals (PGM). The ground was unstable and the application required tracked equipment with a low ground pressure to safely manoeuvre in the unstable ground conditions. In addition the equipment needed to have the capability and resilience to cope with the demands of a very sticky and wet material (<150 micron and moisture rate of 30-40%).

The customer JPN Kruger had been a loyal customer of ELBs for over 20 years and have over 15 x ELB supplied units so the value that both parties could bring to this application was without question. A quick summary of the application:

  • 2 x John Deere 4506 light-weight dozers push the material to the face
  • A Sumitomo SH220 Hydraulic Excavator feeds a Telestack HF521 Hopper Feeder
  • A Sumitomo SH210 feeds a HF10T
  • The HF10T conveys material onto a Telestack TC424X Track Conveyor
  • The SH300 then feeds the product to the road trucks which deliver it to a smelting plant for separation

Hopper feeders are designed to hold a buffer of material within the hopper which allow a regulated flow of material to travel onto the main incline conveyor. The HF10T has a throughput of up to 300 TPH with 300mm tapered extensions on the hopper achieving a 6.8m3 capacity hopper as standard. The natural design of the hopper feeders provides integral strength and stability in the working position. The larger tracks on the equipment allow for the weight of the units to be more evenly distributed ensuring that the Hopper Feeders can be tracked around the site easily and without sinking into the unstable ground conditions.

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