HF18 & TR35 Ship Un-Loading

// 2 June 2020 @ 16:59

Telestack Mobile Ship Unloading system works a treat!

Introducing the HF 18 hopper feeder and TR 35 Radial Stacker from Telestack as designed, manufactured and installed in a ship unloading application for HES (formerly known as MTMG) based in Gdynia Port, Poland - one of the largest independent terminal operators in dry and liquid bulk products and a market leader in the field of iron ore and coal.

The Telestack mobile system is being used to unload coal at rates of 1,000tph from Handymax vessels offering the ultimate flexibility when unloading multiple holds. Their global experience, which spans more than 30 years in custom-designing conveyor systems for coal applications, was a significant factor in the Telestack selection as the supplier of choice.

Prior to the installation, the coal was unloaded using mobile harbour cranes and stockpiled on the ground using wheel loaders. The ship unloading system that Telestack provided allows direct vessel to stockpile unloading reducing the double handling of material as well as achieving a lower cost per tonne of material. There were also much reduced dust emissions as well as improved health and safety practice with less people and equipment involved in the process.

In any multi-cargo berth, the ability to move equipment quickly and easily to accommodate other processes is essential and that’s where the true benefits of mobile equipment is evident!

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