International Women's Day 2019

// 8 March 2019 @ 10:51

Over the forthcoming months we want you to get to know Telestack a little better and perhaps give you a better insight into us as a company and the people that help make us who we are. It is fitting that we begin on International Women’s day by celebrating one of our most esteemed colleagues within Telestack and that is Kerry O’ Donnell.

In Kerry’s role as Customer Support Manager she is responsible for all elements of customer service and sales order processing and acts as the interface between our customer and the various departments within the factory. Kerry liaises with every Department within the factory through from initial order receipt to final delivery, including scheduling build with Production, liaising with supply chain to confirm unit availability, reviewing orders/contracts & letters of credit and keeps our customers fully informed throughout our manufacturing cycle.  Kerry’s understanding of the business is immense and she is often the first person that we all go to - simply because we value her opinion!

Kerry started working in Telestack 10 years ago and is a member of our Senior Management team. With a total of 29 years’ experience in the material processing and handling industries, there is very little that our Kerry doesn’t know. Renowned for her attention to detail, her wicked sense of humour and candid understanding of any situation, Kerry is a key member of the team – and she makes the most unbelievable sausage rolls!!!!

Kerry’s role within Telestack serves as a reminder to any female within the locality that they too can succeed in what is considered a male dominated industry. When asked about her role as a female in the business, Kerry commented “Telestack does not see gender in my opinion. Regardless of your position, you are there on merit! Telestack are a fair company and to quote our MD, “we believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work!”  I would encourage any female to see beyond their initial perception of an engineering company and be assured of the many opportunities that are available on their doorstep. I have had so many opportunities in Telestack and am so happy to have joined the team!”