Telestack Kore-Max Adding Value to Mining Sector

// 9 August 2022 @ 11:17

Building on their reputation as the leaders in the bulk material handling sector, Telestack is delighted to introduce the Kore-Max tracked magnetic separator. The latest in the Telestack mining range offers a mobile solution to assist mine operators and contractors with the ability to separate mill balls or other metal objects from contaminated ore material. This fully mobile unit is the result of consultation between Telestack, Dealers and end users who collectively identified a need for this type of unit in the mining sector. 

                                 Koremax Metal Separator

The Kore-max magnetic separator has a capacity of up to 300tph and can be fed by a wheel loader or excavator. The hopper has a capacity of 7m³ and is loaded from the rear. It features a 1200mm wide belt feeder with hydraulic speed adjustment and hosts a combination of impact bars and impact rollers that help create a robust feeder module. The hopper can be lined with the customer’s choice of wear liner and a host of other options exist including a heavy-duty fall brake system and hydraulic folding side extensions.

International Sales Manager Alan Gilmore explains the concept. “Once material leaves the belt feeder it is transferred onto a vibrating pan feeder. The pan feeder spreads the material to present the contaminants as evenly as possible to the magnets for separation. The ability to control the vibration speed of the pan feeder by a hydraulic flow control valve, along with the capacity to adjust the angle of the pan (between 0-10° decline), offers the operator the ability to adjust the unit depending on the flow characteristics of the material and contaminants, in order to achieve the correct trajectory onto the drum magnet. The self-levelling feature at the rear of the machine ensures that the operating angle of the belt feeder remains between 16 - 18°.” 



The unit can remove ferrous metals in two ways. The support frame above the pan feeder is designed for a high-strength rare earth overband magnet. The removed contaminant material is directed down the stainless steel chute to the side conveyor. A secondary rare earth drum magnet then ensures any remaining tramp metal is removed. The drum magnet can be vertically and horizontally adjusted to ensure optimal positioning for the removal of these metals. Tramp metal travels around the drum and is ejected into the feed boot of the side conveyor. The remaining clean material proceeds onto the incline conveyor for further processing. A further metal detector can be fitted on the incline boom for additional safety.

Gilmore continues “This design of the metal separator has been the result of much discussion with our Dealers and end users who have urged Telestack to design a mobile metal separator that can go into a mine and add value to previously unusable contaminated material. The unit prevents severe damage to further processing equipment such as Cone crushers where liners can be damaged if mill balls enter the chamber causing significant downtime and cost to repair.

The Kore-Max is available with heavy-duty crawler tracks and offers exceptional on-site mobility even in difficult and demanding terrains. The metal separator is also available in waste and recycling applications, removing metal contaminants and providing a more valuable product as a result.