Production Resumed at Telestack

// 27 March 2020 @ 09:53

It has been a strange few months for us all, the world as we knew it seems like a distant memory. Our working life has changed – never before would we have had a week where we did not have a new customer, a dealer or an old friend visit us to say hello!

Despite the temporary closure of our factory, we maintained communication with our valued customers and partners throughout. Bound by the same circumstances, we were reassured and lifted by the continued interaction - whether it was to discuss a new project, an update on their machine status, a part requirement, service support or indeed just a call to keep our collective spirits up!

We want to thank you, our trusted friends, for standing behind Telestack in these turbulent times and we are humbled and genuinely appreciative that you did not cancel orders and indeed for your continued support. We have resumed production, albeit in a reduced capacity whilst we ensure all necessary safety measures are adhered to, and we remain committed to you and your business as we work towards safely fulfilling your orders as quickly as possible. Your support has not gone unnoticed!

If we haven’t been speaking to you in a while, then there’s no time like the present!


Equipment Sales

Update on Status of Equipment on Order

Marketing Enquiries

Part Sales

Warranty, Installation, Field Issues and Technical Helpdesk

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We truly hope that you, your family, your employees and your customers remain safe and well.