TB32 AWT Bargeloading in India

// 1 June 2020 @ 14:32

The TB32 All Wheel Travel barge-loader loading coal and aggregates on the world famous Ganges river!


Supported by the Telestack chosen partner in India, Portrucks, the unit was sold to the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) as part of the Sagar Mala Project which is an initiative by the government of India to enhance the performance of the country’s logistics sector. This particular multi-cargo terminal is the largest out of 12 terminals that have been created to create a profitable and economically viable national riverways system.


This brand new site is complete with a complete stockyard, reclaim, feed system, new berth and barge loading system. The material is reclaimed by wheel loaders into a stationary hopper and then fed onto a central feed conveyor which conveys material onto a series of four transfer towers. The material is then fed to tripper conveyors which runs alongside the back of the jetty and fed into a TB32 bargeloader for onward shipment.


The TB32 comprises of a 32m All Wheel Travel parallel, radial telescopic bargeloading conveyor weighing in at 80 tonnes. Designed for 1200 tph of coal and aggregates, the unit is fitted with a host of dust containment features as well as a 1400mm wide fire resistant belting – all custom designed to fit the exacting needs of our esteemed customer!