Telestack Tele-Mix Tracked Pugmill

// 11 March 2022 @ 12:26

What are you doing to ensure your roadbase maintains its specification for use?


Easily boasting one of the most comprehensive range of mobile bulk material handling products in the international marketplace, Telestack have widened their product offering to include the mobile Tele-Mix® P 2000 T  track-mounted, high-volume continuous-mix Pugmill, designed for optimum blending to ensure a high-quality end product.

The Tele-Mix® P 2000 T Pugmill was developed in response to an increased demand for a reliable and mobile continuous mixing system that was easy to set-up, operationally efficient, transported easily, without the need for “special” permits and flexibility in a range of applications.

Easily integrated into an existing system, or with the ability to stand alone, the Tele-Mix® P 2000 T  Pugmill is designed for a range of applications including optimising the moisture and cement content in road-base, blending, lime addition, cold-mix asphalt, cement-treated base (CTB) and in stabilisation.

Tele Mix Tracked Pugmill

The Tele-Mix® is fitted with a twin-shaft mixing chamber with a proven design and incorporates direct hydraulic drive, mesh gears for rotors and replaceable paddles. The Tele-Mix® P 2000 T model boasts a high throughput up to 300tph (330 ton/hr) and has a large 7m³ (9.18yds³) hopper capacity as standard. The natural design of the Pugmill offers integral strength and stability whilst in the working position yet unrivalled mobility and flexibility whilst in operation. This high specification unit is designed for ease of maintenance and as with all Telestack units, command an excellent resale value at project completion due to the heavy-duty design and manufacture.

The Tele-Mix® P 2000 T offers optional:

  • 500mm (9.22m³) and 700mm hopper extensions (11.85m³)
  • Optional bolt-in feedboot liners,
  • Fall-break system,
  • Split hopper design

Split Hopper

Split Hopper Design


The optional split feed boot it provides a vertically split hopper plate that allows two different types of material to be fed simultaneously into the hopper. The manual adjustable dual hopper doors aid regulation of the material from each side of the split bins in the hopper.

The hopper has a large transfer point opening for maximum throughput, spring tension face scraper to clear the feeder belt, and twin internal planetary drive motors as standard to ensure high torque for the required output of the feeder belt.

The Tele-Mix® Pugmill incorporates a twin shaft-mixing chamber with spray bars and discharge chute as standard, thus ensuring a consistent mix for a variety of applications where all types of binders or neutralising products are required in the mixing process including road construction, paving, ground works/ civil engineering, environmentally-sensitive stabilisation projects, aggregate recycling and general construction and recycling industries.

A key pre-requisite of the Tele-Mix® P 2000 T was the ability to transport and set-up easily. The unit is designed with a range of engine options depending on local emissions regulations and fully integrated hydraulic power pack.  The unique Patent Pending “tuck away” hydraulically folding mechanism allows the Pugmill mixing chamber to be retracted in underneath the incline boom minimising transport length whilst also ensuring a quick, safe and simply set up on site.

The Tele-Mix Tracked Pugmill can be purchased as either manual or a Fully Automated PLC controlled mixing option.

The fully automated option includes the following features:

Upgraded Panel with PLC Control – the upgraded Panel withPLC Control which allows the operator to set and adjust the percentages of cement and water to be added to the mix. It features a user friendly touch screen HMI and Settings can be adjusted in increments of 0.5%. 

Cement Silo – 2 m³ Cement silo featuring pressure relief valve, dust filter load cells and hydraulically driven rotary valve, linked to the PLC which adjusts the flow of cement into the pugmill. The hopper is designed with steep circular taper to prevent rat holing or bridging of cement. A galvanised access platform with either vertical ladder or steps, allows the operator to safely maintain and inspect the cement silo.

Cemento SIlo

Tele Mix Automated

Belt Weigh Scales – located on the incline belt this Measures combined weight of hopper fed material and cement and is linked back to the PLC program to control amount of cement an added to the mixture.

Water pump, flow metre and spray nozzles – a hydraulically driven water pump with Flow metre to measure the flow of water and linked back to the PLC program and control water added to the mixture.

Commenting on the introduction of the Tele-Mix® Pugmill, International Sales Manager Philip Waddell explained,


“The Tele-Mix® tracked P 2000 T Pugmill is a consolidation of the world-renowned Telestack tracked Hopper Feeder range with the proven design of the Astec Pugmill box. We already have had significant interest and uptake from our Dealer network and we are confident that the Tele-Mix® will enhance the comprehensive range of products from Telestack. We are proud of the breadth of our range and we are committed to putting the voice of our customer at the core of our product development and continuing to bring innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions to the marketplace.”

Split Hopper Design

The Telestack Voice of the Customer is a company-driven initiative to ensure that any new product development or improvements are driven by the true needs of their Customers. Telestack’s successful portfolio of global installations have secured their leading position as providers of quality mobile and customised bulk material handling systems for the inland ports and terminals, aggregates and mining sectors along the chain of logistics from pit to port, port to plant and pit to plant. Their range of equipment encompasses radial telescopic shiploaders, shiploading direct from trucks, direct feed shiploaders, rail mounted shiploaders, cambered boom shiploaders and dockside unloading hoppers and they look forward to enhancing their portfolio of international installations that span a 35 year history. 


Watch the Tele-Mix® Tracked Pugmill in action