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The quarrying and aggregate sector is undergoing a transformation in the pursuit of a decarbonised world. Telestack are one of the main manufacturers leading the transformation in the material handling sector as evident in their display of equipment at the forthcoming Bauma exhibition in Munich.


Telestack have supplied electric powered conveyors for over three decades into mobile and static applications in a wide range of industries including quarries, mines and ports where electrically powered units is often considered the norm. Within the quarry, aggregate and sand and gravel sector where much more emphasis has been placed on diesel fuel consumption.  Telestack are using their experience to spearhead the move from traditional track-mounted diesel-hydraulic equipment to a solution that promotes environmental responsibility using zero emission technology.



                             Use Less kW to Move More Material

With the legislative moves to restrict the use of red diesel in the UK, aggregate producers are looking to OEM’s likes Telestack to not only provide solutions that cut emissions by ensuring green technologies are incorporated in the design of their equipment but also ensuring that good corporate citizenship is a significant part of how they do business.


Telestack’s International Sales Manager, Padraig McDermott remarks, “We are noticing a sizable shift in the attitude of our customer base who recognise the value in moving towards a more sustainable energy source. The benefits are too many to ignore and we as an OEM are committed to leading the way in clean technology, lowering our collective carbon footprint, and adopting a green manufacturing approach. It is proving an important factor in retaining customers and attracting new customers who share our vision of a cleaner and more sustainable future. We have a range of options dependent on the needs of the customer from no engine, only using engine for relocation and set-up, using electric hydraulic powerpacks to run the tracks in parallel with electric drives to run the conveyor section or using battery technology for machine operation.”


The benefits of clean technology are many. The quick and easy set up means that the tracked mounted conveyor can be plugged into the onsite mains power supply, into an on-board or onsite generator or powered from other primary equipment such as the crusher or screen. The zero emissions result in a much-reduced environmental impact resulting in less noise, a safer site (less site traffic, less human intervention) and a reduction in maintenance and downtime. The reduction in fuel consumption ensures better operational efficiency, ultimately using less kW to move more material. In addition, the All-Electric machine has a much longer life cycle (estimated up to 5 x times longer) when compared to a diesel machine making for a better return on capital invested. Highly regulated engines are often complex in structure (sensors, after-treatment, complex panels and looms), with often hard to reach access and could potentially struggle with the high level of exposure of dust and vibration found in a typical quarrying application. The reduction in complexity and ease with which to run, troubleshoot and maintain the zero-range units have had nothing but positive feedback from our dealers and customers alike.


“Europe is the main driver on electric units, in-line with regulated engines getting more complicated. We’ve offered electric conveyors for almost 30 years, and they have proven very effective. Many countries are now offering sizable rebates on their capital expenditure for green technology, so we are seeing the shift in all sectors.”


McDermott says 2022 is set to be another successful year for Telestack, with its comprehensive model range in big demand across a wide range of mobile bulk material handling industries. “Telestack have the widest range of around 30 track mounted models on offer to serve all parts of the market. Our sole focus is conveyors and their many applications. The Zero range ties into the needs of our broad customer base from the crushing and screening contractor, plant hire, the end user quarry operator customers, mine, stockyard, recycling, and port sectors.”


In partnership with their German dealers, Jürgen Kölsch GmbH and C. Christophel GmbH (Stand FN 1024-1), Telestack will showcase three units from their Zero range - the LF520 Revolution, the TCL 1031 heavy-duty tracked conveyor and the TC421 Battery tracked conveyor.


Telestack Zero mobile tracked conveyors and hopper feeders incorporate electric hydraulic power packs to run the tracks in parallel with electric drives to operate the conveyor section. The engine is completely removed from the machine. The Zero range offers quarrying customers a greener alternative to the sector’s traditional track-mounted diesel-hydraulic conveyors and builds on Telestack’s global supply of electric-powered conveyors for static applications and the port industry.


Additionally, the TC421 Zero battery unit incorporates a battery pack which is used for tracking, relocation and set up. The battery pack provides power for approximately 1 to 1.15mins of tracking. This allows the customer to load the machine, transport it to site, offload and bring to the working area. When in position the conveyor is connected to mains power or a primary power source to run the conveyor section. The battery pack is a modular kit and can be slotted into a bigger machine and increase the module size with extra cells in the battery to gain the required throughput. Regarding return on investment, typically electric-powered tracked conveyors are more expensive to buy, but your return on investment is quicker.


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