The fully mobile materials transfer and shiploading system for coke loading at Port Kembla is the second installation from Telestack


Before Telestack‚Äôs Mobile Equipment the customer moved metallurgical coke stock from the point of production to a dedicated berth, which was a 50 minute round trip. The material was then stockpiled before being picked up and transported to the ship loader. They then moved to skip loading from its berth which had recently become available due to a reduction in steel export activity. This eliminated the 50 minute transport leg and the double handling of the brittle material, however it was labour intensive and consequently very expensive.  Telestack Engineers were faced with several application challenges in which they had to overcome for this system.

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Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Australia
  • Product: TU1015R Mobile Truck Unloader & TS1242 Radial Telescopic Shiploader
  • Application: Truck Unloader and Radial Telescopic Shiploading
  • Material Type: Pet Coke
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